My Dearest, Montana… These will be my Love Letters

by R. McKinnon Baxter

Baxter Ranch

View from the Baxter Ranch

My dearest…  Montana.   We have known each other for 20 years now, and I’ll never forget the first day we met.   It was, without a doubt… love at first sight.  There was only one word thought and said… “wow”.  That word, you should know, is about the greatest compliment I have ever given a woman… and so for you… the great state of Montana, I felt the same.  Your beauty is not just rare in our world, it’s magical… it’s majestic… it’s… well, nothing short of spectacular.

True, as I’ve grown to know you… I learned of your moodiness, and your four seasons show your heart, worn on your sleeve.   I for one have to say, it’s all attractive, every bit of it.  The sun, the rain, the snow and the wind… you have it all, you express it all, and to me, I’d have it no other way.  Thank you for your full expression of nature and life, your feelings and your character.  Because of it, I feel I know you, I feel I have grown together with you, and in some ways, I feel so completely bonded with you that we are now inseparable.  There very simply, is no other and… well, you truly had me at hello.

Montana, I owe you the finest of praise.  I owe you the greatest of my respect.  I owe you my complete and devoted attention… in a word, Montana… I admire you.  My greatest desire today is to explore you and your wonderland more completely, more deeply.

True, it was love at first sight, but over the course of time, you have completely won my heart and now, I want to go deeper.  I want to feel your heart beat alongside of my own, and, well, if you don’t mind my dear… I’d like to show you off a little.

I would never say you were shy, as you are not… but you have always been modest Montana.  Never bragging, never showing off your beauty, and you have never felt the need to try to be anything you were not.  You are just exactly what are… you’re real, you’re honest and you are beautiful because of it.

So today is July 1, 2013… and today, I begin my journey to explore every inch of you.   I will speak to you through my letters, my images and videos.  I will document all that I know and discover about you and I hope you don’t mind if I kiss and tell a little… because, well, you are just too precious, too amazing to keep to myself.

Now, I have to be honest about one thing.  There is in fact another girl in my life, and she will be joining us.  Her name is Jenny, and she is a 1984 GMC Camper Van.  But honestly, must we even mention age?  Her age is representative of her experience, and, well, let me tell you… she is no dummy when it comes to traveling your lands… with all due respect to her, she’s no virgin.  She’s well-traveled and, much like you, has no problem showing her true colors, her true character.  Personally, I think she’s beautiful, but she’s certainly not the everyman’s type… She does not aim to impress… instead, she cares only about enjoying life to the fullest, being respectful to all she comes to pass, and, well, I have to say she is totally devoted to me and supportive of my dreams.  I’ll post a picture of her soon…

So these, Montana, will be your “love letters” as we journey together across your lands, along your rivers and beside your lakes.  I love you Montana, and I am not afraid to say it to you, or anyone.  Love, if not expressed in its many forms, may exist, but it may never truly be felt, and enjoyed.  My intent is to express it, feel it and enjoy it.  Life is short… and you deserve only the best… and the best, is what I intend to give you.

Today, as I prepare for my travels within you… I will leave you with my first captured image of your beauty.  This image was taken in the morning, about 8 AM, as you were… well, let’s say going through a mood change 😉  There had been a storm, but you, as always, were quick to recover and smile once again.  Your beauty, my dear, in this photo, is simply… heaven on earth.  This is a view from our family ranch.  Thank you for this gift…

R. McKinnon Baxter, an Automated Business and Online Marketing Expert, has sold nearly $50 Million in products online over the course of 12 years. Today, he enjoys his life as a Travel Writer along with the freedom of the mobile working lifestyle driven by his automated business model and strategies. To learn more about McKinnon’s principles and methodologies, visit

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